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Chinese Traditional Wedding

China is a large country with 56 nationalities.Different nationalities have different marriage customs,but whatever the nationality is,the wedding ceremony is usually very complicated.The traditional Chinese marriage usually involves 6 necessary procedures,namely:match-making,engagement,betrothal presents,meeting the bride, three bows, and drinking wedlock wine. In addition, a typical Chinese wedding nowadays goes like this: when a new couple is engaged,what followed is a choiec of an auspicious date of the marriage. Quite a few, especially thoes in the countryside, would probably ask a foutune-teller for the lucky date, so their marriage would have 'Double Happiness".
The wedding ceremony is usually preside warmly, and often ends with a very extravagant banquet. Toasts are made to wish the new couple long life, eternal love and happiness, early birth of a healthy baby and so on.

Red is central to the wedding theme of China. It signifies love,joy and prosperity. The bride's wedding down and embroider shoes are often red, as are the wedding invitations, wedding gift boxes, even the bride and groom's homes are decorated in red on the wedding day.
A large Chinese character means:Double Happiness.中国是一个有56个民族的大国.不同民族有不同婚俗.但无论哪个民族,结婚仪式都较复杂.传统的中国婚礼仪式包括6个必要步骤:说媒、定亲、聘礼、迎娶、拜堂(三鞠躬)、交杯酒。一个标准中国婚礼会进行如下:在一对新人订婚后,是选吉日结婚成亲。有些人,特别是乡下,会请算命先生挑个结婚吉日(通常是双日子),意味着双喜临门。婚礼庆典、婚宴会很隆重。人们会举杯祝酒,祝福新人健康、恩爱、白头到老、早生贵子等。

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