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Swift Code-Bank of China

China Construction Bank Corporation

Swift Code-Agriculture Bank of China
Branch Name swift code
Shanghai Branch ABOCCNBJ010
Beijing Branch ABOCCNBJ090
Tianjin Branch ABOCCNBJ020
Shanxi Branch 山西 ABOCCNBJ040
Neimeng Branch ABOCCNBJ050
Liaoning Branch ABOCCNBJ060
Heilongjiang Branch ABOCCNBJ080
Jiangsu Branch ABOCCNBJ100
Zhejiang Branch ABOCCNBJ110
Anhui Branch ABOCCNBJ120
Fujian Branch ABOCCNBJ130
Jiangxi Branch ABOCCNBJ140
Shandong Branch ABOCCNBJ150
Hubei Branch ABOCCNBJ170
Hunan Branch ABOCCNBJ180
Guangdong Branch ABOCCNBJ190
Guangxi Branch ABOCCNBJ200
Hainan Branch ABOCCNBJ210
Sichuan Branch ABOCCNBJ220
Yunnan Branch ABOCCNBJ240
Shanxi Branch 陕西 ABOCCNBJ260
Gansu Branch ABOCCNBJ270
Xinjiang Branch ABOCCNBJ300
Xinjiang Nongken Branch ABOCCNBJ301
Chongqing Branch ABOCCNBJ310
Dalian Branch ABOCCNBJ340
Qingdao Branch ABOCCNBJ380
Ningbo Branch ABOCCNBJ390
Shenzhen Branch ABOCCNBJ410
Henan Branch ABOCCNBJ160